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    (Hansell) Bear Smile Solid Warmer (for children) 5

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    (Hansell) Bear Smile Solid Warmer (for children) 5

    • It is a high-grade bear smile three-dimensional mask (for children) / unisex public.
    • Fluorescent brightener is not used and it does not cause skin diseases.
    • In case of breathing, it is not getting wet or damp due to the loss of air through the lower vent.
    • Space is secured in the three-dimensional area of ​​animal nose shape to relieve discomfort during conversation.
    • It can be worn simply by pulling it without a stopper for string adjustment.
    • You can direct cute fashion in a beautiful shape with a bear.
    • It is good to use it for winter when going out.
    • You can choose between blue, yellow, pink and white.