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If you don’t receive activation mail, please check spam mail box, first.

If there is no activatin mail, kindly send us an email as below.

To :
info. : your email address and ID

Even if you don’t send us an email, the emails would be activated soon.
We check and activate emails once a day normally.

So, please try to log in next day.

Thank you.

Many customers asked us “do you deliver cosmetics to our country?”
Then, we answered “Yes!!!”.

Basically, we can send out products to all foreign contries by EMS(Express Mail Service).
Why not?
There is NO limit for us to send out cosmetics to the world.

However it doesn’t mean that the cosmetics must be delivered to you without any problem.
Rarely, the products might be seized by your customs or be returned to us (Korea).
Or you should pay taxes(duties) on the cosmetics.

As per our experience, around 1 percent of parcels have customs issue, and others are all fine.

Please check how to deliver cosmetics before you order.
You or your forwarding partner can pick up products in our office.
Or we can send out products to the designated place in Korea.

Thank you!

There are different exchange rates depending on how and what you exchange.

It is because banks get some profit when exchanging the money.

Our main bank is Wooribank(Swift code: HVBKKRSEXXX).

So, we request money based on the exchange rates of Wooribank.

Please kindly check the image below.

The image shows you different exchange rate in May 8, 2013. 09:51:50.


The standard exchange rate                    : USD 1 = KRW 1,089.30

The exchange rate when sending by T/T   : USD 1 = KRW 1,099.80

The exchange rate when receiving by T/T : USD 1 = KRW 1,078.80 (*This is the exchange rate we use.)

The exchange rate when buying in cash    : USD 1 = KRW 1,108.36

The exchange rate when selling in cash     : USD 1 = KRW 1,070.24



For checking current exchange rate, kindly visit  WooriBank

Our MOA(Minimum order amount) per brand is krw 1,000,000 based on wholesale price.

For some brands below, we accept smaller order than MOA if you accept higher supplying rates.
** Clio, Etude house, goodal, heera, innisfree, iope, laneige, likikos, mediheal, missha,nature republic, ohui, peripera, tonymoly, tthe whoo

We apply 2 % higher supplying rates for the smaller orders.

Sorry but we don’t accept that.
The road shops are running on a self-supporting accounting system.
And the shops are NOT wholesale shops BUT retail shops.

Our office is located in Seoul, Korea.
The exact address of our office will be shown in the invoice.

For the delivery, you or your forwarding partner can visit our office after we are ready to ship out the products.

However we don’t welcome you visit our office before you order.
Many people request us to have a meeting in our office.

We totally understand your concern.
However we are not a teacher or a consultant for your new business of Korean cosmetics.
In addition, we don’t want to be one of the reason why you travel Korea.

As we posted the photo of our HK shop before, many people mistunderstood that they could buy products like in retail shops.
Please make sure that the shops are connected with us but the shops are totally different from our company.
That’s retail shops in HK and we are a wholesale company in Korea.

We don’t keep stocks in our office. After you order, we will start arranging products.
So, you can’t check products in our office before you order.

In the beginning when we started doing this business, we met many people.
Now we realize that the meetings were very very wasteful.

We strongly recommend you place a small order in the beginning.
We don’t think our minimum order amount is too much.

If you really worry about us, let us know.
Then we will suggest another order way to make you relaxed.

Sorry but we don’t allow you to visit our office before you order.

Last month (Feburary 2016), someone posted a question in our Q&A board.

The question was “… To certify the product at the European market we mainly need lists of ingredients and safety sheets.”

We answered “We don’t provide those documents or certificates.”

And then, another girl posted a comment on our answer as below.

“Why not? You don’t have ANY documents relatively to what you are selling?.. That is then pretty suspicious.”

We are very sorry but we can’t provide you those documents or certificates.

The only official document that we can provide you is ” Commericial invoice “.

We received many similar requests before.

They requested us to provide the documents below.


MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet), Qualitative and quantitative composition of the products,

Copy of the labeling (primary and secondary packaging), Product Information File etc


Do you guys really think that we can provide them?

Is it our must for wholesale business?

Are you sure?? haha…

We are a just wholesaler.

Only manufacturer or the headquarter of every brand can provide those documents to

their official contactors for a certain country.

The contractors should take care of all unexpected side effect or other problems caused by the cosmetics in the country

on the behalf of the brand office.

And those documents include recipe for the cosmetics.

If you were the brand office, would you provide those documents to anyone?

To be contract with brand office, you must guarantee millions more dollars order a year.

If you can, why are you here?

Please contact directly to brand office that you are interested in.



As we deal in many brands and there are so many kinds of products in every brand, we can’t guarantee that all prodcuts have English labels.

Nowadays, many brands are trying to make english labels with Korean labels. However we can’t confirm that all products have english labels.

  • Sorry but we don’t allow you to revise our list.
  • This is to make us to work quickly and easily.
  • If anyone can revise the lists, you have to check all information such as prices, name etc.
  • Please kindly understand this.

New items or old items couldn’t be in the list since we can’t update all items at all times.
In this case,just make an order list except the unlisted products.
And then simply let us know the following information when you send us an order list.

Product name :
Capacity :
Retail price :
order Q’ty :

Then we will add the product in your list and then send you an invoice including the unlisted products.

However please note that occasionally, clients ask us to add products that was famous several years ago and already stopped selling.
Therefore, if there is no product in the list, kindly check whether the product is available or not first.

We pack goods very carefully with bubble wrap and deliver goods by EMS to prevent unexpected damage.
However we pack only fragile items individually with bubble wrap. Paper cases are usually not packed individually if not requested.

We are not responsible for any damaged paper cases during delivery.
Since the goods are delivered from Korea to overseas, we don’t know the reason why the goods is damaged.

And even if you insisit the damage is our fault, how could you prove that?
What if I insist that’s your fault?

So, we don’t accept the goods refund.
Fortunately, there have been no critical dispute due to the condition of products so far.
We are try to our best to pack goods very firmly. This is the only one that we can say.

We send out products to the world by EMS (Express Mail Service).
EMS is the simplest, easiest way for us to deliver goods to the world.
The EMS delivery charges are imposed according to the gross weight of parcel.

To get estimated delivery charges in advance, you can multiply product’s capacity and 3 .
(Sometimes multiply capacity and 4 ~ 6. It depends on the package condition of the items.)
For example, if you order skin(100ml) 20 pcs, cream(50g) 10pcs, essence(40ml) 20 pcs, we could calculate as below.
(100 X 20 X 3) + (50 X 10 X 3) + (40 X 20 X 3) = 9.9 Kg.

Once you know the gross weight, you can check international delivery charge of EMS below.

Set the shipment type is others (NOT Documents).
And select destination and gross weight.
And then click ” View” button.

Even if we confirm your order by invoice, we can’t guarantee that your order goods will be 100% released.
There might be items which are out of stock.
That’s why we request you only 50% down payment.
In addition, the gross weight could be easilly changed based on how to pack.
If you order goods by box unit, we don’t need to use bubble wrap or other materials to prevent damage.
If otherwise, you have to use many materials.
In this case, the gross weight should be up.
Due to above two reasons, we can’t define delivery charge in advance.

We pack goods very carefully since most of cosmetics are fragile and delivered from Korea to overseas.Thus we use bubble wrap to pack goods firmly.

You can remit money to us four ways as below.
Option A : sending money by US dollars without paying all local and overseas bank charges.
Option B : sending money by US dollars with paying all local and overseas bank charges from your account.
Option C : sending money by Korean won without paying all local and overseas bank charges after exchanging your currency for Korean won.
Option D : sending money by Korean won with paying all local and overseas bank charges from your account after exchanging yourcurrency for Korean won.
Under Option C and D condition, you have to spend extra charges as much higher exchange rate should be applied than the rate of banks in Korea.
In addition, wire transfer by Korean won is slower than wire transfer by US dollars.
So, we don’t recommend you to remit by Option C or D.
If you remit by Option B or D, you would be requested much more expensive beneficiary bank charge that would be around USD 20 to USD 40.
However if the baneficiary bank charge is requested to us in Korea, the charge would be only KRW 5,000 (around USD 4.7) or KRW 10,000 (around USD 9.4).
Thus, we strongly recommend you to send us money by Option A.

We strongly recommend you to send us money by wire transfer(T/T) if you are in asian countries.
Paypal needs 1 to 4 days more for us to receive money than wire transfer(T/T).
It takes around 3 to 5 working days for us to withdraw cash from our paypal account after we receive your payment.
However wire transfer(T/T) needs around 1 to 3 working days. (Sometimes, it takes only a few hours.)
Normally a client sends money to us in twice(down payment and balance payment).
So, the period of paypal transaction is much longer than the period of wire transfer on average.
This causes delivery pended as we ship products out after we receive full balance.
** However in some countries except asian countries, paypal could be faster as local banks in some countries support bad service.
We pay 100% in advance when we place an order to brand office as per your order list.
If you send us money by paypal, we would use our own money longer than wire transfer.
In addition as Paypal applys higher exchange rates than normal banks, the extra charges might be more expensive than wire transfer.
Paypal transfer is NOT too much cheaper!
That is why we don’t welcome paypal.

Buyers must take care of all remittance charges occured during international money transfer by wire transfer(T/T) or Paypal.
As per our experience, the charges are around USD 45 to USD 65.
That’s why we request clients to send us money with USD 60 to cover these charges.
[ In terms of wire transfer (Bank transfer)]
There are 3 kinds of remittance charges such as your bank(local bank) charge, intermediary bank charge, our bank(beneficiary bank) charge during international money transfer through wire transfer (bank transfer).
Some banks need a US Intermediary bank (corresponding bank) to process wire transfers, and this will result in an additional charge.
The intermediary bank may deduct the fee from the payment, that is why sometimes the amount we received is less than the amount you transfered.

In addition, there is beneficiary bank charge which is the transfer charge requested by head bank of our bank.
Your transfer money will be sent through a corresponding banks (not directly to our account) and therefore the banks will charge fees from the sent amount.

[ In terms of Paypal ]
There are 3.9% of transaction fee(remittance charge) on the total amount plus a fixed fee of USD 0.30 per transaction for Paypal transfer.
And there is some more charges when using debit/credit card.

Once we get down payment from a client, we start arranging cosmetics as per a client’s order list.<br>We prepare most of cosmetics directly from brand offices. So, all cosmetics are as fresh as possible.
All products we treat, are normally manufactured within 6 months.

We prefer Korean won. But we accept HKD and RMB as well.
We arrange products in Korea. So, we need only Korean won for this business.
However as many clients request to pay HKD or RMB, we allow clients to pay only by HKD or RMB.
In this case, we suggest exchange rate and clients must follow the rate.

When you send us an order list, kindly let us know your payment currency if you need.

When you open the product list, you can see that retail price is same as wholesale price.It is because the supplying rate in H2 Cell is set 100% in the beginning.
Type in your order Q’ty per product. Then the total order amount will be summed up automatically.Then revise the supplying rate according to our rate.Then the wholesale prices will be revised.
Kindly see the below photo.
Hope this helps you to understand this.


Supplying rate is the contrary concept of discount rate.
If the supplying rate of A brand is 55%, it means we supply A brand at 45% of retail price.
In case that retail price of A is 10,000 won and supplying rate is 55%,5,500 won (=10,000 X 55%) is the wholesale price of A.

We don’t sell sample cosmetics(samples or sample kit, travel kit etc).However we just provide some samples to our clients for free.
The sample’s brands and items will be ramdomly selected according to our stock status.
If there is no stock of samples, we wouldn’t provide samples.
Sample is a kind of gift for our clients.
Samples will be packed and shipped with order goods.
So, you just need to pay the delivery charges for that.

We sell and provide 100% real, original and authentic cosmetics as well as fresh cosmetics.Please note that we don’t handle fake cosmetics (imitation).

Please rest assured that your information will not be distributed to any third parties. We will not reveal any of your information to anyone. See our Privacy Policy

We ship all our orders with UPS because of their outstanding reliability and quality service. Shortly after your parcel has been dispatched, UPS will issue tracking numbers which you can get by going to My Account in our website and check the tracking number for each order so you can follow the progress of the package as it travels to it’s destination.

Returns can be made within 7days for exchange only and NO refunds. When exchanging an item you must enclose original receipt. Jewelry must be returned unworn in the same new condition. Return shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyer.

It is very easy to send a gift to an address different to yours. When you get to the check out, there is a place for you to fill out a different shipping address. For the credit card holder’s security, orders with different shipping and billing addresses will require extra processing time and may delay your order.